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Individual physiotherapy in Tallinn

The goal of physiotherapy is to restore or preserve and make the most of a persons mobility, function, and well-being or to prevent them from losing it.

Personal approach to your goals. Self care advice or working out together - your choice. 

Appointment 45-60 minutes. When booking you agree with terms and conditions.

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Schroth exercise for scoliosis

Scoliosis therapy

I use scoliosis specific physiotherapy based on the Schroth method for treating scoliosis.

No matter the age or degree of scoliosis, whether you had corrective surgery or not, we will find the approach and scoliosis exercises suitable just for you. Also appropriate after scoliosis surgery.

Kinesiotaping for pregnancy

Kinesiotape is an elastic tape which is mostly used in sports and after injuries. It is also a great way to effectively and safely alleviate pregnancy related discomforts like low back pain, symphysis pain, neck- or knee pain, difficulty breathing. Taping takes approx. 20 minutes.

Rasedate kinesioteipimine
Kinesiotaping of the belly to alleviate pregnancy related symptoms

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