What is iWalk2.0?

iWalk2.0 is a great alternative to regular crutches from the USA that you can rent for as long you need it. iWalk2.0 is great for below the knee injuries like: ankle sprain, achilles rupture, foot-, ankle-, shin fractures, below the knee amputations, calf tears etc. Most of my clients have had calcaneus (heel bone) fracture which is a slow healer.

Hands free crutch iWalk2.0 does not suit iWalk2.0 is not suitable for common injuries like ACL rupture, knee ligament or meniscus injuries, patella (kneecap) issues and traumas higher than the knee. With shin fractures and operations, suitability is set by the place of the fracture/wound. To read more about the differences between regular crutches and iWalk, click here.

Why is the iWalk2.0 better than regular crutches?

  • Opportunity to use your hands (carrying items, opening doors etc)
  • No extra weight on hands
  • The muscles of the healing limb get activity,because you are putting weight on your knee
  • Normal gait remains
  • When taking the stairs do not have to jump on one leg
  • iWalk is fixed to your leg - no falling crutches 🙂

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